Group W Systems

Group W Systems provides its clients with system design, systems integration and software development services.

We provide services to a wide variety of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to entrepreneurs who are building their businesses.

The scope of the projects we've delivered ranges from developing specific software to a client's technical specification to managing development teams for our clients and delivering finished systems or subsystems.


Group W developed the ActiveAG™ and ActiveMVIP™ ActiveX controls for computer-based telephony systems. Our telephony controls are well-known for being reliable, scalable and flexible.

If you are looking for a telephony development tool for NMS Communications hardware - or if you're looking for ActiveAG in particular - you've come to right place.

See our software page for information on our software tools.

If you need support for ActiveAG or ActiveMVIP, visit the support forums.


Group W can plan and manage your project, develop software to your specification, or perform any project task in between.

The services page provides more details on the services Group W provides.

See our clients page for a summary of projects we've completed for our clients.

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