Group W Systems

Version 4.15 now available for Natural Access 2005-1

The new versions of the ActiveAG and ActiveMVIP controls are now available to support NMS Communications' NaturalAccess 2005-1.

ActiveAG and ActiveMVIP are Group W's ActiveX controls for use with telephony boards from NMS Communications. Our controls are designed for NMS hardware and the NMS Communications NaturalAccess SDK.

New Features

Version 4.15 of ActiveAG and ActiveMVIP will run on Microsoft's Windows Server 2003, giving your telephony servers improved security and scalability.

The maximum number of lines supported by ActiveAG has been increased from 512 to 1056 lines. That's 44 T1 spans worth of lines that can be controlled on a single system. All you need now are 11 quad-T1 boards in a single chassis.

Current ActiveAG users can upgrade the new version for $450 (US). This price includes both controls.

If you're not using ActiveAG or ActiveMVIP now, you can get the latest versions of both controls for $995 (US).