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Take a look at the ActiveAG™ ActiveX control. ActiveAG is the faster way to develop telephony and telephony-enabled applications.

The industrial strength ActiveX control for telephony

Combined with the proven reliability of telephony cards from NMS Communications, ActiveAG gives you highly reliable development platform for computer-telephony and telephony-enabled applications.

With ActiveAG, you can build sophisticated, multi-line applications in days instead of weeks or months using RAD tools such as Microsoft's Visual Basic or Borland's Delphi.

Designed for

ActiveAG is intended for use with multi-line telephony boards from NMS Communications.

ActiveAG does not support single line voice-capable modems and it isn't designed to use in TAPI applications.

Porting your VisualVoice application to ActiveAG is a pretty simple proces.

Ask us for details and supporting code.



Multi-line applications in a single Windows process

ActiveAG developers now have the responsiveness and reliability of multi-threaded programming without the chore of developing their own thread and synchronization code. ActiveAG is multi-threaded internally.

Call SDK functions directly

ActiveAG allows you to make calls to NaturalAccess SDK functions directly when you need advanced features such as energy or tone detectors. ActiveAG also allows you to read and write AG Access parameter values directly.

Best of all, ActiveAG will pass events directly from the SDK to your application when you need low-level details.

These methods available in synchronous (blocking) and asynchronous (non-blocking) forms:

Answer call
Hang up
Play voice
Play numbers, dates, times, currency amounts
Record voice
PeekTone, GetTone, GetTones
Place call (with call progress)

See the ActiveAG documentation for detailed information.

Pricing, licensing and maintenance

See our software. page for details on pricing and licensing.


While Visual Basic and similar tools are easy to use, they depend heavily on custom controls to expose the functionality of any particular vendor's hardware. If a control does not provide the features and flexibility your application requires, you're going nowhere.

A Truly Powerful Telephony Development Tool

ActiveAG removes many of the limitations of similar tools by providing such features as asynchronous methods for playing voice, recording voice, placing calls, and so on. These methods allow your program to start a function - such as playing a voice file - with control returning immediately to the program. At this point, your program is free to perform other processing, such as an SQL database query. When the asynchronous method completes, your program is notified via standard Visual Basic event handling.

ActiveAG has proven its reliability in 8 years of use by customers.

System Requirements

Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server.

The Natural Access SDK from NMS Communications. ActiveAG currently supports the NaturalAccess SDK version 2004-1.

Alliance Generation hardware (telephony cards) from NMS Communications. Only PCI boards are supported by NaturalAccess 2004-1.

An ActiveX-capable development environment. ActiveAG has been tested with: Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C++, and C++ Builder