Group W Systems

Need an ActiveX for MVIP switching?

Then try Group W Systems' ActiveMVIP™ ActiveX control. ActiveMVIP provides control of MVIP-compliant switches under Windows systems using the SWI service in the NaturalAccess SDK.

The Natural Access SDK is developed and provided by NMS Communications. But ActiveMVIP can be used with MVIP-compliant hardware sold by other vendors, provided their switching drivers meet the MVIP standard.

.ActiveMVIP allows you to build sophisticated switching applications with RAD tools such as Microsoft's Visual Basic or Borland's Delphi.

One ActiveMVIP user in Maryland used it to build testing software for an SS5 switch. Another user in California has built an ActiveMVIP system for testing his PC-based PBX products.

System Requirements

Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows 2003 Server.

The Natural Access SDK from NMS Communications. ActiveAG supports NaturalAccess 2004-1.

Hardware with an FMIC or HMIC switching circuit and a vendor-provided driver that inter-operates with the SWI service from NMS Communications

An ActiveX-capable development environment. ActiveAG has been tested with: Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C++, and C++ Builder



Features and benefits

Access to MVIP drivers from Visual Basic Visual Basic and other RAD developers now have access to the switches on their MVIP-compliant hardware without needing to write C or C++ code.

Call CT Access functions directly ActiveMVIP, like other Group W ActiveX controls, allows you to call CT Access Switch Manager -or MVIP driver level functions - directly when you need advanced features.

While ActiveMVIP does not provide resource management features, it does provides a convenient means to get to MVIP switches from languages such as Visual Basic and Delphi.

ActiveMVIP relies heavily on Group W's NMSStructs type library to provide RAD developers with objects that represent C-language structures.

Using these objects, RAD developers can set properties that will be passed in directly to the C-language SDK that lies under ActiveMVIP. This gives RAD developers complete access to the basic functionality in the CT Access Switch Manager services.

For details, see the ActiveMVIP documentation.

Pricing, licensing and maintenance

See our software. page for details on pricing and licensing.