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ActiveX tools

Group W develops software tools for the computer telephony, computer fax, and Internet telephony markets. Our software is designed for the NaturalAccess SDK from NMS Communications.

You can learn more about AcitveAG™ here.

The documentation for ActiveAG is available here.

We sell the ActiveMVIP™ control as a companion to ActiveAG. You can find out more about ActiveMVIP here.

Documentation for ActiveMVIP is available here.

Both controls can be used with the NmsStructs type library. This library provides COM objects that expose different structures in the NaturalAccess SDK to your RAD tools. You can, for example, use one of the objects in NmsStruts to modify the protocol parameters before starting the protocol on a line.

See this page for more information about NmsStructs.


There are no run-time or per-port fees to use Group W's ActiveX controls.

Licensing and fees

Instead, the controls are licensed per-developer, using an approach like Borland's treat-it-as-a-book license. Any number of developers can use the controls so long as there's only one developer using them at any time.

Separately, the ActiveAG control sells for $995 and the ActiveMVIP for $495. Or they're available as a pair priced at $1249. Any of these three distributions will include the NmsStructs library.

You can also purchase annual maintenance support for the controls. This package covers both controls and the NmsStructs library. It will deliver new releases of the controls as NMS releases new versions of its NaturalAccess SDK. Annual maintenance contracts are priced at $450.

Group W licenses the source code for ActiveAG and ActiveMVIP to System Integrators and OEM's who want to incorporate it directly into their NMS-based systems.

Microsoft .NET™ Tools

NaturalNet represents the next generation of telephony development tools from Group W. NaturalNet will greatly enhance the development environment currently available to our ActiveX customers by providing native access to the .NET platform. NaturalNet will offer an extensive .NET class library providing the same features found in ActiveAG. The initial release of NaturalNet is schedule for the second quarter of 2006.


Other components and systems

Group W has assisted many of its clients in developing computer telephony systems based on Windows and NMS Communications' Alliance Generation or Fusion hardware platforms.

We've been very involved in developing Windows software based on NMS Communications NaturalAccess SDK. since NaturalAccess was first released in 1996. Some of the telephony projects we've completed are:

  • a TAPI Service Provider (TSP) based on NaturalAccess
  • an H.323 gateway for Microsoft's NetMeeting that was the first using NMS hardware
  • DirectX filters for handling audio streams to and from NMS Communicatons boards using Microsoft's DirectX.

Prior to NaturalAccess, Group W developed NMS-based systems using ME/2 (under IBM's OS/2) and VDI32 (under Windows 95 & 98). Some highlights of that work are:

  • a voice mail system for OS/2 using NMS's ME/2 SDK.
  • mailVox™, an e-mail reading system for OS/2 using ME/2 and Lotus's VIM SDK.
  • a Windows NT driver for NMS VBX boards
  • ActiveVBX, an ActiveX control for use with NMS VBX boards running under Windows 95 and 98.

Please note that these older products are no longer sold or supported.


A blast from the past

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